European Swimming BatS

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 The European Swimming Bat is a small black/blue bat. Some of these bats are cute.

Quick Facts

The Swimming Bat is the rarest species in the World. You have a 5% chance of finding one. The Swimming Bat can swim faster than a pike. It is the fastest swimming animal in the world and can go up to 50 mph. They are very strong. If you try to catch one, they are poisonous and deadly.


The European Swimming Bat's wings are orange like an autumn leaf. It's wingspan is 4.5cm. You can tell that it's from Europe! The european Swimming Bat's teeth are as sharp as a cat's tooth. Yike!


The European Swimming Bat lives in damp places like a cave but also lives in kelp fields. You can find the ESB in the Atlantic Ocean below the ice, hunting in kelp fields with it's pack. You can find it snatching away sea snake eggs. It can be found in salt water. It is a 5% chance to find it in the air. If you are searching for the ESB, here is a tip: it's threatened.


This amazing bat has been seen around Whitnash Youth Club. There have also been sightings of some baby bats. These bats have been stealing food from people. When you see the bats, they start to change the colour of their wings from black to blackish blue. The bats are seen in under-the-water caves, some divers have seen their baby bats being laid.


The European Swimming Bat's diet is sometimes fruit like berries, grapes and apples but sometimes they like to snack on fish like tuna, salmon and seaweed. In the night, the European Swimming Bat's diet is usually bug and flies. Sometimes European Swimming Bats love beetles and also cow and fox dung.


Look at how different the ESB can look!


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